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The endeavor of progressive etherapists reaching out to those enlisting the aid of internet technology for individual and/or group services. By definition, NEXUS is a connection or a place where things come together. This is our NEXUS for those providing and those seeking an alternative method of support.

What is e-Therapy?

Online e-Therapy service is generated through encrypted chat communication between a licensed professional and a client. This internet based service has the advantages of being convenient to provider and client, user friendly, and utilizing the latest technological procedures to provide confidential exchanges. You will not receive a psychological diagnosis, nor experience a traditional therapeutic relationship as found in a face-to-face office type situation. Rather, the chat will consist of consultation, supportive, and psycho-educational services.

Fee Schedules are listed on individual Provider Profiles.

If you are currently suicidal, STOP and call 1-800-SUICIDE. This site is not intended, nor equipped to deal with emergency situations.

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This service is not covered by insurance.
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Fees listed on Provider Profiles.